Storrito allows you to create teams to manage your Instagram accounts and story posts together.

  • You can work together with an infinite number of team members
  • But you may only send 10 invitations per hour
  • Each team member has the same rights to connect, disconnect Instagram accounts as well as post, schedule, create and delete posts. So be cautious who you invite to your team
  • The founder of a team cannot remove team members at the moment but a team member can leave a team anytime. If you really need a team member to be removed from your team, please contact the Storrito support team via the chat tool in the lower right or write to

Also have a look at this tutorial video which explains how to...

  • invite users to your Storrito account
  • accept and decline invitations
  • select the Storrito team you are working in
  • and how the collaboration will look like

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