We offer browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera to connect any Instagram account to Storrito. With this connection method you can also connect accounts that require Instagrams two factor authentication or that use a Facebook password. One downside however is that you cannot add swipe up links to your story posts.

  • First make sure you are logged into your Storrito account
  • Then open Instagram in a new browser tab and log into the account you want to connect to Storrito. You can see the account name in the upper right corner:

When you are logged in the right Instagram account, click on the extension icon on the far right and click on CONNECT to connect this account with Storrito.

You will be led forward to app.storrito.com and your Instagram account name will be displayed in the account list:

That was easy wasn't it?

Read the full blog article: How to use the Browser Extension to learn more on this topic.

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