At the moment the easiest way to add more than 1 image or video to your Instagram story via Storrito is to use the scheduled time. Example:

  • Schedule the first image at 10:20 am 
  • the second for 10:21 am
  • the third for 10:22 am
  • and so on

I've also documented this process here:

In the meantime we also added our bulk scheduling tool that you find in the Storrito main menu under "Bulk Scheduling". Have a look at this video to see it in action: 

Tip: you can use your keyboard to control our bulk scheduling tool even more efficient.

Last but not least you can also just post the images or videos right after another manually via Storrito's normal "Post Now" button:

It is planned to add support for story lines to Storrito, where you can predefine the order of your images or videos and post them in this order automatically.

@Ali thanks a lot for asking this question via our support chat.

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