One of the most requested features is the support to add GIFs. We are already working on this for a long time, but it is also one of the most challenging features so far.

I do not want to get too technical here. I only like to explain why the GIF support is difficult to implement. In general the term GIF is a little misleading, since nowadays it is also used for short video sequences without audio, like this one:

But there are also the "real" GIF files, like this one:

It is using the GIF file format that was already supported by the first web browsers in the 90s.

Nowadays users expect that you support boths file formats, if they are talking about "GIF support", since this term is used by most modern messenger apps.

Technical the rendering of the two file formats is very different. Besides that Storrito offers animated story templates, which should also become part of our story editor. Therefore we needed a solution that supports all 3 use cases.

Another aspect is that you essential need to turn every image into a video as soon as you add an animated GIF to it. A video consists of a sequence of images, usually something like 30 images (frames) per second (FPS).
In the case of a video each frame of the video need to be overlayed by the corresponding frame that contains the animated GIF. Last but not least everything needs to be editable and playable in the browser. The greatest challenge here is the implementation of a fast and cost-effective rendering process that will generate the corresponding video. Since users do not like to wait tens of minutes or spend tens of dollars for one single video.

We already have a solution for an efficient rendering and the support for animations in our story editor ready. Now everything needs to be integrated to create a complete solution.

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