Can I upgrade at any time and do I keep my story posts?

You can upgrade whenever you like. The story post amount of the new
plan will be added to your current story post count.

Example: You have 10 story posts left and you upgrade to the
'Standard' plan. After the upgrade you will have 110 story posts.

Furthermore your billing date will be changed to today + 30 days,
therefore you have more time to spend your story posts. The same rules
described above applies to downgrades.

Which features are included in the different plans?

We tried to keep it simple. Therefore every plan includes all
features. You only need to decide how many story post you need per

How many Instagram accounts I'm allowed to connect?

You can connect as many Instagram accounts as you like.

How many Team members I'm allowed to add?

You can add as many team members as you like.

When will my story post amount be refilled?

We show the date of the next refill below the box of your current plan
(see the top of this webpage). It is also the date, when we will
charge the subscription price for the current month.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any point in time. We will not
retransfer any remaining amount of the current billing period /

I need 200 story posts?

Please see this article:

Can I buy yearly subscription?

At the moment this it not possible, but we will provide this option in
the future.

What is and who sells Storrito?

Storrito is developed by the Vire GmbH, a company located in Cologne,
Germany. We use as a so-called reseller. Paddle handles
the complex tax regulations of the different countries, so that we -
the Vire GmbH - can sell Storrito globally.

Where can I enter my company address (and VAT number) for the invoice?

You will receive an email (from our reseller Paddle) that includes a
link 'View your invoice'. The link opens a website with your
invoice. There you can enter the necessary invoice information like
your company name, address and optionally a VAT number. You only have
to enter this information once.

I need more than the professional plan (500 posts per month)?

It is possible to buy the professional plan multiple times. Just click
on 'BUY' in the professional box above and select a quantity (Qyt.) in
the upper left corner.

Example: if you choose 2 as quantity (Qyt.), you will have 1000
story posts per month.

What does the enterprise plan offer?

The enterprise plan costs $500 per month and includes 5000 story
posts. Its primary purpose is to offer custom development services to
big customers. For example to auto-generate story content from other
sources like blog posts, Twitter etc.

If you are just looking for more than 500 story posts per month, then
please consider to buy the professional plan multiple times (see the
answer above).

I want a custom contract?

At the moment we only offer a custom contract for the enterprise plan.

I have another question?

Please contact our support team. Either by using the chat on this
website (click on the red circle in the lower right corner) or write
us an email to

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