How does Storrito integrate with Instagram

Regrettably, Instagram (or rather Facebook the company behind Instagram) does not offer story posting via its API yet. The same is true for many other important Instagram features at the moment. 

Neverless companies have the need to automate parts of their social media activities to stay cost-effective. Paying your staff to post social media in the evening or on the weekends is expensive and decreases the employee satisfaction. Instagram Stories create even more work, since they can not be prepared in advance (and saved as draft for example).

Therefore Storrito and any other service on the market that offers Instagram Stories automation, needs to use other technical solutions to integrate with Instagram, until Instagram will finally offer those features via their API.

In comparison to many other social media formats Instagram Stories have a high technical obstacle, since they can contain so many interactive elements like Mentions, Hashtags, Question Silders, Polls, Music stickers etc. The team at Storrito has a hard time to keep up with the newest Instagram Stories stickers, since we need to reimplement every sticker in our story editor. It is unclear if Instagram will ever publish all story features via their API and if competitors will invest the money to create a complex editor to create Instagram stories (like Storrito did).

Storrito offers two methods to connect your Instagram account:

Instagram username and password

Storrito will technical automate the Instagram app for Android to do the story posting. It makes no difference, if you use Storrito or the official Instagram Android app. Therefore you do not put your Instagram account at risk. We encrypt your Instagram credentials to make our service as secure as possible. The risk of getting hacked is not substantially higher than a service that would use the Instagram API (that does not exist yet). Instagram has many security layers to protect your account. That is the reason why it is sometimes so hard to connect your Instagram account to Storrito. We recommend all users to activate the 2-factor-authentication of Instagram (which is also supported by Storrito). You can disconnect Storrito from your Instagram account at any time by changing your Instagram password.

Browser extension

Storrito also offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Please see this guide to learn how to use it:

With the browser extension you do not need to provide us with your Instagram passwort at all. It would be our recommended Instagram connection method for Storrito, but it has one major drawback, it does not support story (swipe-up) links. Those links are of course important to direct the Instagram users to your website. However Instagram requires you to have more than 10.000 followers and an Instagram business account to use story links. If you does not have this anyways, please use our browser extension to connect your Instagram account.