How does a Storrito Subscription work?

We depend on selling monthly subscriptions to stay a healthy business and keep Storrito running.

Designing a simple subscription system with a fair pricing is hard. Most often companies offers several subscription plans, where more expensive plans provides more features.

If Storrito's pricing would be based on the number of features, we for example could offer the Instagram Location sticker only for people, who bought our most expensive plan. If you need this sticker, then you would need to buy this expensive plan, even if you only do one story post per week via Storrito. As you can imaging this is an unfair pricing.

Subscription pricing based on the number of features also creates a lot of complexity. As developers we need to enable or disable a feature based on your current subscription plan in every place, where a paid feature like the Location Sticker is used. For you it creates complexity, when you like to make a decision, which subscription plan or rather feature set you need.

Instead of spending your valuable time in endless comparisons of feature tables, we made the decision simple. All our plans include all features. You only need to decide how many story posts you need per month:

An important detail here is that you receive the story posts for a period of a month or rather 30 days. If you do not use them within this period they will expire. Another way to think about this that you make a commitment to buy and spend 100 story posts from us every 30 days. 

When you bought our Standard plan for example, you receive 100 story posts immediately

After 30 days you may still a few story posts left. A new period starts and you get charged. Your will receive 100 fresh story posts. The old story posts was not used and expire. You can also imaging it like that: you have a storage that can only hold an amount of 100 story posts, everything else will overflow.